Get Back In The Picture

Erica. New York City. I like reading and writing, but not arithmetic. Ya dig?

Tulips + sunshine = Spring!
Maybe a little incest with your breakfast? #bagelmill #yum #flowersintheattic
Bandwagon, I am on you!
Chris O’Dowd was fantastic, and I got to say hi/goodbye to my favorite actor regular! #nyc #broadway #longacretheatre

Ringing ears, no more voice, last encore was my favorite Ataris song - what a fantastic night. #ataris #irvingplaza #nyc #iwontspendanothernightalone

Premisis - is that like osmosis for beer?

Me today, hopefully, if the new salon does a good job.

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What The Giver trailer should’ve looked like

EXACTLY!!!!!  I’ve been skeptically waiting for the trailer and was disappointed.  Not on board.



When I’m having a particularly bad day, I just remind myself that my track record for getting through bad days is 100%. And that’s pretty darn good.

^^^ Always so important to remember.

Note to self: This is a really good way of looking at bad days, worse days, and even the the worst days.

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